Jackson Katz's TED Talk About Gender Violence Is A Must-Watch For Everyone (VIDEO)

"Calling gender violence a women's issue is part of the problem," argues Jackson Katz, Ph.D. in his TED Talk on the subject. "It gives a lot of men an excuse not to pay attention."

And getting men to pay more attention is exactly Katz's goal. As an author, filmmaker, educator, social theorist and anti-sexism activist, he is well-versed in the subject matter he discusses in his TEDx Talk, first posted on February 11th. Jackson argues that topics like sexual assault and domestic violence have been framed as issues that women deal with, when really these issues are "men's issues first and foremost."

At around the 10-minute mark in the video he outlines why it's so important for men to get involved alongside women in preventing gender-based violence:

We need more men who have the courage and the strength to start standing up and saying some of this stuff. And standing with women, not against them and pretending that this is somehow a battle between the sexes and other kinds of nonsense. We live in the world together.

Jackson's talk is engaging, fascinating and all-around amazing. Watch the whole thing and then show it to everyone you know -- regardless of gender.

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