Minneapolis Mayor Declares 'Love Trumps Hate Day' Before President's Rally

It's the latest blast between Trump and Mayor Jacob Frey, who wants the Trump campaign to cover its costs to his city.

Hours before President Donald Trump took the stage in Minneapolis, Mayor Jacob Frey (D) issued a proclamation declaring Thursday to be “Love Trumps Hate Day” in his city.

The declaration was issued as protesters and supporters began gathering outside the Target Center where Trump was set to speak.

Frey’s proclamation said that diversity, inclusion, love and compassion have made the Minnesota city “prosperous” and “beautiful.” It added, “The people of Minneapolis will not be baited by voices that promote conflict and intolerance.”

The proclamation of Love Trumps Hate Day in Minneapolis.
The proclamation of Love Trumps Hate Day in Minneapolis.

The clear dig against Trump is just the latest in an ongoing conflict between the president and the mayor. It was triggered when Minneapolis demanded $530,000 to cover security costs for Trump’s campaign rally.

The president’s campaign has developed a reputation for not reimbursing cities for security costs incurred as a result of his rallies — even as his campaign raises record amounts of money. At least 10 cities have complained that the campaign has not paid them for police and fire department costs, totaling more than $840,000, according to a study this summer by the Center for Public Integrity.

The Trump campaign owes $569,000 to El Paso, Texas, for a rally there in February, local station CBS-4 TV reported earlier this month. The money represents 15% of the city’s total debt.

Earlier this week, Trump slammed Frey as a “Radical Left Mayor” out to squelch free speech. Frey replied that Midwesterners “pay our bills” and that the president’s campaign can afford to pitch in.

Frey reiterated in a tweet Thursday that city residents shouldn’t be stuck with the tab for Trump’s campaign rally.