Jacob Sartorius Falls For A Girl On Instagram In His New Music Video

It's a social media love story!

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Rising star Jacob Sartorius first found fame on social media, lip-syncing to top hits on Musical.ly. Now he’s making songs of his own and breaking into the industry.

Still from the "Bingo" music video.
Still from the "Bingo" music video.

The 14-year-old singer released his debut EP, “The Last Text,” in January. In an exclusive interview with The Huffington Post, Sartorius promised 2017 will be a pivotal year in his career, filled with upcoming projects that his fans will seriously enjoy. “I don’t know if they’re ready, honestly,” he said.

Well, the music video for his hit song “Bingo” dropped on Thursday, and it appears Sartorius keeps his promises.

The video’s plot is all about Sartorius crushing on a girl on Instagram. Yes, this is a digital-age love story, you guys.

Who knew that romance could blossom all thanks to a couple of fire Instagram selfies?

As if that romantic plotline wasn’t already adorable enough, Jiff the Pomeranian makes a guest appearance. 

In an interview with J-14, the singer said he had a blast shooting the msuic video.

“It was really fun creating this video. I am pretty close will all of the people who were on set, so during our breaks we would all make funny videos for social media and just have a really good time.”

With 8 million Instagram followers, over 170 million total views on YouTube, and 1.21 million Twitter followers, it’s safe to say this social media celebrity has seriously dedicated fans. We can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for Sartorius.

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