Jacob Wohl May Have Faked Terroristic Threats Against Himself

The fringe-right grifter allegedly threatened himself with a false Twitter account and then reported those posts to police.
Jacob Wohl has posted a new video spreading conspiracy theories about Minneapolis Rep. Ilhan Omar.
Jacob Wohl has posted a new video spreading conspiracy theories about Minneapolis Rep. Ilhan Omar.
Joshua Roberts / Reuters

Twitter troll Jacob Wohl appears to have faked death threats against himself to inject drama into a documentary, which raises the possibility that he committed a crime when he filed a police report about those messages.

Wohl, a noted grifter who has spent the better part of this year live-streaming an Islamophobic harassment campaign against Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), published a short documentary on Tuesday that was apparently meant to support his conspiracy theories about the Minneapolis congresswoman. (Those theories, like Wohl’s many other lies, are unfounded and not worth repeating here.)

The documentary did cast new light on a report he filed with the Minneapolis Police Department on Feb. 23, in which he claimed that he and fellow fringe-right personality Ali Alexander were the victims of terroristic threats while they were in the city working on the video. In the documentary, he and Alexander go to the police station to provide evidence. The camera cuts to one of those alleged threats, written by a Twitter user called @Drakehomes612.

“I hope you fuckin know that if [I] bump into you in Dinkytown or anywhere else in my city I’m going shoot you and shit on your fucking bodies,” the message reads. “Get that fuck out my city you piece of shit. Now.”

The @Drakehomes612 account is one of several fake accounts created by Wohl to draw attention to himself, as journalist Tony Webster first pointed out. Those accounts had been surfaced by NBC News’ Ben Collins in late February and led to Wohl getting banned from Twitter.

A copy of the police report, obtained by HuffPost, confirms that Wohl showed officers a few messages from the fake account. The sources of other threatening messages included in the heavily redacted report were impossible to verify.

Minneapolis Police Department

According to the police report:

While working the front desk at the precinct, two males walked in and stated they were being threatened by the suspect and several others who follow their social media account. ... They feel because their [sic] journalist and traveling for their business it’s possible the suspect will continue to post information on their whereabouts which will continue the threats of bodily harm against them.

Although Alexander is named as a victim in the report, he has since distanced himself from Wohl in speaking to The Daily Beast and in a video posted Wednesday morning.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen but, man, it doesn’t involve me and I’m pretty excited about that,” Alexander said in the video, according to The Daily Beast.

A Minneapolis police spokesman said he couldn’t confirm or deny whether a new inquiry had been launched into the possibility that Wohl committed a crime by filing a false police report. He did note, however, that Wohl’s initial claim is “closed” and isn’t being investigated.

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