Jacqueline Kennedy Tapes Are Full Of Surprises (VIDEO)

Jackie Kennedy Tapes Full Of Surprises

New details about what life was like behind the scenes in the Kennedy White House are coming to light, from interviews that Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis recorded just after her husband's death.

from their early years on the campaign trail, to the Cuban Missile Crisis, to the Bay of Pigs, and his last days in the White House. The interviews also reflect Mrs. Kennedy’s evolving sense of herself and her role as first lady, as she talks about her family, world leaders, and life in the White House.

The tapes have been made public now by Kennedy's daughter Caroline, in a deal with ABC which saw the network scrap a miniseries that focussed on the Kennedy administration.

ABC is airing a special program, Jacqueline Kennedy: In Her Own Words, on the release of the tapes tomorrow at 9pm ET.

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