We Found A Jacqueline Kennedy Selfie From 60 Years Ago And It's Everything You'd Expect

We Found A Jacqueline Kennedy Selfie From 60 Years Ago

Oh Jackie O, if only we were around in the '60s to witness your American class, impeccable style... and to take a selfie with you!

We came across this mirrored photo of Jacqueline Kennedy on Twitter this week, snapping a shot of herself, her sister-in-law Ethel & JFK himself. Very Myspace of you, Jackie. Not only are we loving this selfie, but also this white-on-white ensemble complete with a sun hat. The wife of the 35th President of the United States is known for her unforgettable style lessons, and of course the iconic pink suit, but we love this casual beach outfit, too.

In other Twitter news, we're dying to get our hands on those milk and cookie shots. And speaking of treats, Friday was Pi Day and you better have indulged. President Obama sure did. Scroll down for everything you might've missed this week.

Marilyn Monroe in 1953 pic.twitter.com/BLsjiDQSOm

— ClassicPics (@History_Pics) March 15, 2014

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