Jacqueline Pasha Claims She Was Denied Travel On Bus Because She Was Wearing A Burqa

A Chicago woman attempting to visit family in Arkansas was allegedly not allowed to board a Greyhound bus last month because she was wearing a burqa.

According to NBC Chicago, Jacqueline Pasha attempted to board a bus when she was told by a Greyhound employee that her burqa was "scary."

"She said, 'You look scary. There's too much going on in the world today for you to be dressed like that. I can't see your face,'" Pasha told NBC.

Pasha allegedly offered to show her face to a female employee in private, but she was sent home with "her tickets and a suitcase full of gifts for her three children."

Pasha said she had no problems traveling with Greyhound in the past, and wants the company to reimburse her for the money she and her husband spent on hotels and food in Chicago due to the canceled trip.

The Chicago-based Council on American Islamic Relations is working with Pasha to get the money from Greyhound, which has denied the allegations.

"At no point did we refuse to allow her to travel on our buses," Greyhound's manager of media relations Bonnie Bastian told the station.

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