Jacqueline Traides, Performance Artist, Joins Lush Campaign To End Animal Testing (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

How far would you go to protest animal testing in cosmetics and other consumer products? A performance artist in London recently agreed to undergo procedures in a shop window meant to simulate animal testing.

Jacqueline Traides, 24, spent about 10 hours this week in the window of Lush Cosmetics' Regent Street store in Central London. During the ordeal, she was subjected to force-feeding, injections, hair shaving and other uncomfortable procedures -- often while restrained -- reported the International Business Times.

Traides was joined by fellow performance artist, Oliver Cronk, who assumed the role of a laboratory technician. According to the Daily Mail, thousands of passersby witnessed the stunt and many signed a petition to end animal testing.

Traides said, "I hope it will plant the seed of a new awareness in people to really start thinking about what they go out and buy and what goes into producing it."

Lush's Fighting Animal Testing campaign was clear that the London demonstration's mission was "intended to shock." Emphasizing their opposition to animal testing, the group wrote:

When we are forced to recognise that this aspirational industry depends upon the needless suffering and death of millions of innocent animals – animals that could have been our dog, our children’s guinea pigs, our neighbours’ rabbits – animals that we humanely love – we are shocked and we recoil.

Humane Society International has also taken a stance against animal testing for cosmetics and encourages consumers to sign their pledge to be cruelty-free.

In February, it was revealed that cosmetic companies Estee Lauder and Avon were allegedly cooperating with Chinese government requirements that cosmetic products sold in that country must be tested on animals.

Recent videos have shown animals reacting positively to being released from laboratory testing. These clips show the reactions of laboratory chimpanzees and beagles to seeing sunlight for the first time in their lives.

WATCH video and images from the protest (WARNING: GRAPHIC):

Lush Animal Cosmetics Protest, London