The Tiny Bags At Jacquemus Are Getting Out Of Hand

Wait until you see the price tag.

Jacquemus, the French fashion label known for both its extra-large tote bags and celebrity-approved tiny purses, has really outdone itself.

For the fall 2019 presentation, which took place on Monday and was inspired by the French countryside, designer Simon Porte Jacquemus sent models down the runway holding bags so small we almost missed them completely.

The bags were given to attendees with the show’s invitation and they came down the runway in red, white and orange. As one writer at Harper’s Bazaar pointed out, they’re barely big enough to fit your Apple AirPods.

Seriously, just take a look for yourself:

Richard Bord via Getty Images
Richard Bord via Getty Images

These tiny bags, which come with a big price tag, aren’t new territory for Jacquemus. The label currently sells a small purse aptly called “Le Chiquito” for $486 and a similarly small “Le Piccolo” bag for $504. (For what it’s worth, tiny bags also showed up at Brandon Maxwell’s spring 2019 show, so Jacquemus isn’t alone on this one.)

This season’s offering, however, took things to a new level and people on Twitter couldn’t help but point out how ridiculous the new bags are:

For good measure, Jacquemus also showed some average-sized bags and at least one new massive tote. We can only imagine how much stuff we’d lose in the depths of it:

An extra-large bag from the Jacquemus fall 2019 collection.
An extra-large bag from the Jacquemus fall 2019 collection.

We’re not sure the purses can get any smaller, but perhaps we’ll have to wait until next season to find out.

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