This 11-Year-Old Is Destroying High School Basketball Teams

Oh, and she's a girl.

After Jaden Newman sunk two deep threes and a running floater, Downey Christian High School's season opener was stopped to honor its star's latest feat: At just 11 years old, Newman had just notched her 1000th varsity point.

That’s right, the latest basketball phenom out of Orlando, Florida, is a sixth-grader. Oh, and one quick thing: she’s a girl.

Newman has played on her school's varsity team since the third grade. Last year, at 10 years of age, the point guard averaged 30.5 points and 9.2 assists a game, relying on her quick handles and marksman-like shooting to lead her team from the backcourt. To put it bluntly, she is destroying her opponents.

She ended up finishing this year's season opener with 57 points -- that is not a typo -- knocking in a dozen threes en route to that 1,000-point mile mark.

Please treat yourself to a GIF of her ball handling.

And this double-crossover.

And then remember that she was born a few years into the new millennium. It’ll be 2022 before she can vote. It’ll be 2025 before she can buy a drink. She is one year younger than LeBron James’ NBA career!

Stay tuned. Great things are going to come in Newman's future.

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