We're Only Watching A 'Fresh Prince' Reboot If Jaden Smith Is The Star

In West Philadelphia, born and raised where the space and time continuum exists and we are mere mortals looking at trees ...
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TVLine reported on Thursday that "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," the beloved '90s sitcom starring Will Smith, might be getting the reboot treatment. (Ugh.) According to the site, Smith is even on board as producer -- and while this has yet to be confirmed by the actor himself, the mere idea is enough to make our stomachs churn. If we can still sing the dang theme song in our sleep, why are we bringing it back?!

Unless, of course, the philosopher and teenage dream of our time, Will Smith's very own son, Jaden, is down to take the lead role. Then, and only then, would we consider watching the alleged reboot.

Imagine the possibilities, people. Production could even rip the storyline ideas right from the 17-year-old's own Twitter feed.

Episode 1: On his way from West Philadelphia to Bel-Air, Jaden gets into a fight with the TSA:

Episode 2: The strapping young teen deals with a breakup like any other lovesick kid would:

Episode 3: Jaden makes the benevolent, noble decision to skip the teen rager his rich uncle could totally afford:

Episode 4: Owen Wilson makes a brief cameo.

Episode 5: Jaden suffers an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

This stuff practically writes itself.

Look networks, we're making it easy for you: give us Jaden or leave the original Fresh Prince to reign in his kingdom of DVD box sets. Besides, seeing Carlton on "Dancing with the Stars" was enough nostalgia to fill the void in our hearts where "Bel-Air" used to be:

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