Jaden Smith Bought Mom Jada Pinkett Smith Gold 'Grillz' For Her Birthday, Because Of Course He Did

She's got a smile on the rocks.

Most kids would buy their mothers chocolates or flowers on her birthday, but if your kid is Jaden Smith, you get gold “grillz.” 

On Tuesday, Jada Pinkett Smith decided to show off the new bling she received from her Twitter philosopher son, and somehow, they look amazing on her. 

Seriously, only Jada could rock these grills and look this good. As Nelly would say, she’s got a “smile on the rocks.” 

Pinkett Smith talked about her new accessory during her appearance on “Live with Kelly” Tuesday morning. 

“He literally had to bring a jeweler to the house, and I had to get a mold on my mouth,” she said. “Then they took the mold and they made gold grills.”

Even though she didn’t ask for the grills, the actress revealed that the rule for gifts at the Smith household is to “get what you want the person to have versus trying to think about what I want.” In the case of Jaden, he clearly just wanted his mom to have gold grills. 

Earlier this week, the actress also received a cute birthday wish from her husband, Will Smith.

“Happy Birthday, My Queen,” he wrote. “I’m looking forward to loving you though a thousand more hairdos!” 

This family is both too cool and too cute for life. 



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