Jaden Smith Is All Of Us During Kanye West's VMAs Speech

Listen to the kid, bro!

Great news, world. Kanye West just announced his presidential run for 2020. Now, in even better news, no one was more into it than Jaden Smith.


Listen to the kid, bro! The actor stood stoic with his fist raised during West's epic speech, pretty much summarizing all our feelings in one image. Hey, quotes about "fresh juice" can do that to you.

Huffington Post

The camera cut back to Smith a couple times, and his look didn't change. For all we know, his arm is still in the air.

Hey, it's about ideas, bro! And here's one for ya, Kanye: How about a West/Smith ticket in 2020? Make a decision quick, Ye. Jaden can't keep his arm up all day, all day.

Then again, maybe he can.

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