Jaden Smith, 'The Coolest': Will Smith's Son Proves There's Even More Talent In The Family (VIDEO)

Jaden Smith is already well-known as a precocious actor ("The Pursuit of Happyness"), but now it appears he's serious about joining the other family business.

Will Smith's 14-year-old son dropped a video for "The Coolest" on YouTube, a rap track in the style of Lil B (if Lil B was PG'd out a bit). The song appears on The Cool Cafe, an upcoming mixtape. In the video, Jaden channels his seemingly endless self-confidence (this is the young man who once said he taught his father everything he knows about acting) into a slow flow heavy on word play ("It's the coolest of the coolest, it's the smoothest of the smoothest, it's the crudest and the rudest of the stupid kids.") There's also a fair amount of bragging about "taking older women" and some uncomfortable talk of mistresses.

Meanwhile, Willow Smith's rap career -- built on the smash hit "Whip My Hair" -- continues to roll right along. She recently debuted a pared-down track, "I Am Me." The corresponding video is actually not unlike the visuals for "The Coolest" -- both feature the performers walking around a city. In Willow's case, it's New York. Jaden's video appears to be shot in Los Angeles.

The info section for "The Coolest" says Mike Vargas directed and Omarr Rambert produced the vocals and music. Jaden previously appeared on the Justin Bieber song, "Never Say Never."