Jae Crowder Gets Ejected After Apparently Dissing LeBron James With Unusual Move

The Suns forward left the court quickly to celebrate Phoenix's victory over LA in the NBA playoffs' first round.

Someone looks like he’s ready for “Dancing with the Stars.”

Phoenix Suns forward Jae Crowder celebrated the end of his team’s playoff win over the Lakers by doing the salsa on Thursday.

He quickly got ejected for his second technical foul before the Suns clinched their 113-100 victory over the Lakers on Thursday. Crowder sprinted to the locker room to savor his team’s first-round series triumph.

But some people thought Crowder’s happy feet weren’t just an impromptu expression of joy.

USA Today’s For the Win believed Crowder was “savagely trolling” LeBron James because the Lakers superstar danced the salsa in a recent Mountain Dew commercial. Other outlets thought similarly. They might be on to something:

Theatrical gestures seem to be a thing in the playoffs. Trae Young and his Atlanta Hawks teammates were about to eliminate the New York Knicks in Game 5 on Wednesday when the young star hit a long 3-pointer and took a bow at Madison Square Garden.

“There’s a bunch of shows around this city and I know what they do when the show is over,” Young said of his Broadway-style maneuver.

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