Jaeger Mah, Vancouver Airport Dweller, Ends 80-Day Stint

Vancouver Airport Dweller Ends 80-Day Stint

Jaeger Mah, a 29-year-old Canadian man, is ending his 80-day stint living at Vancouver's International airport on Friday.

Mah won the Live@YVR contest, which was created to celebrate the airport's 80th birthday. He moved in August 17 and has been spending his nights at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport hotel. During his 80-day vacation of sorts, Mah has learned of the inner workings of an airport.

Mah told the Associated Press that in his 80 days he's figured out which VIP lounges will feed him and which have the best snacks.

Airport spokeswoman Rebecca Catley told the AP that the goal of the project was to show people how an airport works. "A lot of people don't realize what goes on at an airport. We get a lot of requests for behind-the-scenes tours. We can't do that from a security perspective," she says.

Mah has been documenting his stay on Facebook, blogs and Twitter, all with a digital camera. "I want to devote my life to telling stories," he says. "You could call it some kind of journalism," he told the AP last week.

While in the airport, Mah visited its wildlife operations center, as well as the dentist. He told MSNBC, "I figured I'd just go in for a checkup, but I found out I had five cavities. So I went back."

One thing Mah is looking forward to? Doing his own laundry and being able to buy bunches of bananas or apples — anything in bulk rather than the airport's preferred single-serving.

WATCH the ever-cheerful Mah on his first day of his stay below:

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