10-Year-Old Jahmir Wallace, Born Without Arms, Plays Trumpet With His Toes In School Band (VIDEO)

WATCH: Boy Born Without Arms Plays Trumpet With His Toes In School Band

This 10-year-old may have been born without arms, but nothing has stopped him from pursuing his dream of playing the trumpet.

Just four months ago, fifth-grader Jahmir Wallace played his first note on the brass by using his toes, and now the New Jersey student is playing in Green Street Elementary School's band.

Administrators and a local music store collaborated to customize a trumpet stand to hold the instrument in position for Wallace to maneuver the valves with his toes, WFMZ reports.

“To see how he moves his toes like we move our fingers,” Principal Raffaele LaForgia told the news outlet. “It’s amazing.”

The trumpet wasn’t Wallace’s first foray into the music world, either. Wallace also uses his toes to play the guitar. He holds a pick between the toes of one foot and strums the strings with his other foot, the Express-Times reported in 2011.

Watch above to see Wallace play the trumpet, and visit WFMZ for more details.

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