Meet The Teen Born With One Hand Defying Odds On The Softball Field

Play ball!

People who doubt Jaide Bucher should probably think again.

As part of its "Win From Within" series, Gatorade put the spotlight on Bucher, a 15-year-old softball catcher who was born with only one hand. In a video on Gatorade's YouTube page, the teen said she faces people questioning her abilities, but their doubt simply serves as her motivation.

"There was this one game where I got up to bat and the coach went, 'Bring it in, ladies, scoot in, scoot in' and I ripped a line drive right past them," she said in the video.

Bucher has made an impact on her coach and teammates, who gave touching testimonies of her strength and ability in the video. Her brother, Brock Bucher, also had some kind words to say about his big sister.

"The reason why I wanted to become a catcher is Jaide is a catcher," he said. "She would be amazing if she had another arm or not."

As part of her "Win From Within" experience, Gatorade surprised Bucher with a meeting with Jim Abbott. The former major league baseball player was also born with one hand and has been an inspiration for Bucher. The two even had the chance to play catch together.

Now that's a compliment. 

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