Jaime Lerner: Brazil's Sustainable Architect Greening Cities Across The Globe (VIDEO)

This video from CNN takes a look into the work of Jaime Lerner, a renowned Brazilian architect who has used his political positions to implement inspiring changes in green urban planning.

Curitiba, where Lerner was Mayor three times, has grown to be known as one of the greenest cities on the planet thanks to his efforts -- including winning the 2010 Globe Sustainable City Award. Lerner helped create a groundbreaking public bus system, which he describes as very similar to a subway. He also improved the city with pedestrian-only streets, an ingenious trash-for-cash recycling program, and development of more parks.

Lerner has encouraging advice for the greening of other cities. "Every city can improve its quality of life in less than three years -- no matter the scale of the city, no matter the financial conditions," he says.

With his political life now over, 71 year old Lerner devotes time to his architecture firm, which is undertaking sustainable projects in various locations across the globe.

WATCH Brazil's sustainable architect greening the way to a sustainable future: