Mexican Governor Depicts Himself As 'Game Of Thrones' Character

Who knew the show was a documentary?

“Game Of Thrones” fans take note: Winter may be coming to Mexico first.

Some people watch the popular HBO series and see a stirring drama, but one Mexican politician sees as a sort-of documentary.

Jaime Rodriguez Calderon, the governor of Nuevo Leon in northeastern Mexico, recently posted a Facebook photo showing him on a horse dressed up in full GOT-style armor.

The photo of Rodriguez, who is nicknamed “El Bronco,” included a banner declaring him “King Of The North.”

The governor admits he’s only seen a few “Game of Throne” episodes, but relates to Jon Snow, who is known as the King in the North on the show.

Rodriguez said that’s because the north stood up after centuries of abuse by the crown and, as he put it in Spanish, decided it was time to change a system that didn’t work for it.

He wants residents of his state, which includes the city of Monterrey, to follow that advice in their dealings with Mexico’s establishment. The 59-year-old Rodriguez ― once a member of Mexico’s ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party ― in 2015 became the first independent candidate to be elected governor of a Mexican state.

Reaction to his comparison with a “Game of Thrones” plot line was mixed: Some posters thought the meme was funny, while others used the occasion to chide the governor on the slow completion of his own campaign promises.

In addition, Rodriguez didn’t offer up a possible Queen of Dragons.



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