'Shut The F**k Up!': Reds Outfielder Jake Fraley Gets Heated With Phillies Fan

Tempers flared in the City of Brotherly Love.

A Cincinnati Reds outfielder was caught on camera getting into it with a Philadelphia Phillies fan during Thursday night’s game.

It’s not clear what set off Jake Fraley, who was playing left field for the Reds as they took on Philadelphia on Thursday.

But footage shot by a spectator at Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Park shows him jawing at one fan in particular.

“Shut the fuck up,” he tells the fan.

“Wasn’t me,” the fan protests. “You got the wrong guy.”

Fan Chris Devine posted the video:

Devine said in another post that fans had been throwing “the most basic insults” at Fraley.

“I’ve heard worse stuff thrown at people taking too long at the Wawa kiosk,” he said in what may be the most Philly observation of all time.

The fans, he said, were ejected.

“It was weak stuff on Jake Fraley’s part,” Devine continued. “The guys that got thrown out tonight, they didn’t do anything wrong. They were throwing the lightest insults I’ve ever heard in my life and Jake Fraley just took it way too seriously.”

He added:

Fraley has not spoken publicly about the incident.

The Reds lost, 4-0.

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