Jake Gyllenhaal & Anne Hathaway Wear Merkins For Sex Scene (VIDEO)

Jake Gyllenhaal may not have broken up with Reese Witherspoon, but it's Anne Hathaway he's been getting naked with lately--while filming 'Love and Other Drugs,' out in 2010. He told Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday night what his penis wears during sex scenes.

"Are you really naked or just movie naked?" asked Kimmel.

"We were pretty much naked except for a merkin," said Jake.

He went on to explain the Hollywood meaning of a merkin, historically known as a pubic wig worn by prostitutes who shaved so that clients could inspect them for cleanliness then enjoy the look of a full bush.

"In the sixteenth century prostitutes used to shave off their pubic hair because they thought that they had crabs, so they had fake pubic hair," he said. "So, when I told people I would wear merkins they would look at me rather oddly because they thought that I had no pubic hair, or maybe I had crabs."

Now merkins are "just a cover for your junk," Jake said, although they can have hair if an actor is incapable of the pubic hair growth a character requires, like Kate Winslet (NSFW) in 'The Reader.'


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