Jake Gyllenhaal In GQ: Life After Reese Is 'Okay'

Jake Gyllenhaal covers May's GQ and in the interview talks about Heath Ledger, his family and his love life post-Reese.

On Heath Ledger's death:
"I don't really like talking about it. That period of time was...it was difficult. He was very sensitive. He didn't always have a sense of performance in his everyday life. He knew who he was. I think actors very often, they know how to present something, and that's part of their job. I think he was just really sensitive. We often used to do a lot of things together, because people were very interested in him and I think we felt safe together. Even when we did Brokeback and stuff, it was like my work was the only thing that mattered to me. It was like I could only understand or define myself through doing that. Life, I didn't totally understand. And I think I was afraid of life. And I had success in my work, enough success that you could keep going back there. But after that happened...I think I recognized that it was work. And I recognized that this is for real."

On being single again:
"It's...it's okay.... It goes in either direction. I think it's important for every man to find the right woman and every woman to find the right man.... Who am I to say what the most important thing in life is? The best answer I could give to any of those things is that I really don't know. Particularly right now in my life."

On his parents' divorce:
"I think it takes a lot of courage for my parents to make the decision that they made, and I I trust both of them and their outlook on life. They're wonderful parents to me and my sister."

On his love for his family:
"Family ... my family, you know ... I love them ... whatever they do, whatever they are ... I love them ... you're actually going to make me cry..."