Jake Gyllenhaal On 'Man Vs. Wild' Video: Iceland Adventures (VIDEO)

Jake Gyllenhaal Puts His Life On The Line -- Literally

Turns out Brokeback Mountain isn't the only dramatic summit for Jake Gyllenhaal.

The Oscar-nominee guest stars in this season's premiere of "Man Vs. Wild," tackling the frosty peaks and frozen death traps of Iceland with host Bear Grylls. With a quick trailer already whetting the internet's appetite for some high stakes Gyllenhaal adventure, Discovery has released two clips of his riskier mountain outings (via The Hollywood Reporter).

In the first, Gyllenhaal carefully crawls over a single rope in between two mountains as Bear looks on, casually commenting as the movie star shakes his way over the sky-high line. Gyllenhaal slowly moves forward before glancing down -- probably not the best idea. This is about the time he could use some of that "Donnie Darko" bravery -- you know, once he figures out that whole demented bunny thing.


In the second clip, Gyllenhaal leads a tethered Grylls in a hike in the snow, which is much more dangerous than it sounds, given the deep snow traps threatening to suck him into thinly-roofed abysses.


The episode airs Monday, July 11 from 9-10PM ET/PT on Discovery.

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