Jake Paul Skewers Media With So-Terrible-It’s-Good Diss Track

One reviewer says the song cements Paul's status as "world's worst human."

Former Disney Channel star Jake Paul thinks he’s getting a bad rap — and he’s telling the world through what can only be described as a very bad rap video.

This past weekend, the 20-year-old YouTube vlogger released “That Ain’t In The News,” a diss track that he specifically says in the intro “isn’t a diss track,” but “a message to all the news and hate.”

The video doesn’t comment on all the reasons why Paul is getting bad press.

For instance: 

Now Paul is getting even to the haters with this so-terrible-it’s-almost-kind-of-amusing track, which features his auto-tuned voice griping about the media:

Where was y’all at when I was on email/ Tryna stop depressed fans from killin’ themselves.

Or where was y’all when I was in the kitchen/ Whippin’ up meals for kids on Thanksgiving.

Or where was y’all at when I was with the teacher/Handing out backpacks and handing out T-shirts.

Mere words don’t do it justice. Just listen:


So far, the media seems to be taking the attacks in stride.

The AV Club says the song cements “Paul’s status as world’s worst human,” while Brobible joked, ”make sure you got your A/C on full blast because this shit is hotter than a hooker in church.”



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