Someone Had To Shut Up Jake Paul During Logan Paul's Fight. Then It Happened.

The team announcing Logan Paul's bout versus Floyd Mayweather gave the boxer's brother some real talk.

Jake Paul was naturally pulling for his YouTuber brother Logan Paul against Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a boxing match on Sunday. But he probably let his heart get in the way of what was really unfolding in the ring.

Mayweather, a 44-year-old former undefeated champion, “outclassed” the 26-year-old Logan Paul and landed many more punches, The Associated Press and other outlets noted. While Paul, who weighed 34 more pounds than his adversary, deserved props for going eight rounds with Mayweather without getting knocked out and even hitting Mayweather somewhat hard on at least one occasion, he also clinched a lot to slow the action.

“Two rounds to one,” Jake Paul could be heard saying after the third round, per the New York Post.

In Round 5, Mayweather connected with more frequency, and Logan Paul “appeared unable to fully stand up straight,” the Post wrote.

Still, Jake Paul, who is also a fighter, didn’t quite see it that way. “Three rounds to two,” he said. “Logan’s up. Logan’s up. Logan’s beating Floyd Mayweather. Let that sink in.”

That’s when the broadcast crew, which included comedy duo Desus and Mero, set him straight. “Be quiet,” “you’re wrong,” and “that’s not what we’re saying,” the announcers said.

The fight dragged on to its boo-worthy ending. But Jake Paul kept on his rose-colored glasses.

“50-1 HOLY F–K MY BROTHER JUST BEAT FLOYD MAYWEATHER,” Jake Paul wrote on Twitter.

No, he didn’t. And anyway, the fight wasn’t scored because it was an exhibition.

But nice try!

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