Jake Paul Rocks NYC (Video)

Jake Paul at NYC pop up
Jake Paul at NYC pop up

If you are a parent of kids or teens you know it is all about YouTubers, and leading the pack is Jake Paul. With 31 million Jake Paulers spanning the globe, his reach is immense. Jake is a perfect example of the insane power of social media.

Who is Jake Paul? Essentially, he was just a kid sleeping on his desk in school when he started filming videos on Vine. Now he is a successful actor, entrepreneur, one of the fastest growing people on YouTube and arguably one of the most powerful people on the internet.

Jake is also now crossing over to a musical career with awesome collaborations like his most recent with Gucci Mane. Look for more musical collaborations and more exciting adventures from Jake in the near future

Jake is just a big kid, which is probably why he is so relatable to our youth. His messages are positive and lots of his antics include heart felt intentions. Whether he is helping flood victims or gathering toys for kids in need Jake always makes it fun and crazy. `

I had the pleasure of hanging with Jake and Team 10 (his team of approximately 15 social media influencers) at his pop up in NYC! The pop up attracted close to 10k Jake Paulers who weathered the snow just to purchase his merchandise and get a chance to catch a glimpse of him. In typical Jake Paul fashion, he also worked with the NYPD and their toy drive to encourage everyone to bring a toy for kids in need.

Check out teen influencer, Topanga Skye as she chats with Jake at the pop up!

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