Jake Tapper Flips Green Bay Packers Nickname Back On Unvaxxed Aaron Rodgers

"Now he says he’s being targeted by a ‘woke mob,’ which I’m not sure he even knows what ‘woke’ means," the CNN anchor said of the Packers quarterback.

CNN’s Jake Tapper on Friday suggested Aaron Rodgers was “creating a new definition for the term ‘Cheesehead’” — the nickname for fans of the Green Bay Packers — with his wild coronavirus vaccine claims.

Packers quarterback Rodgers this week tested positive for the virus and then admitted he had not received the COVID-19 shot. When called out for acting as if he had been jabbed, the athlete lashed out at the media and spread misinformation in an interview in which he claimed he was “in the crosshairs of the woke mob.”

Tapper asked USA Today sports columnist Christine Brennan what she made of Rodgers’ response, given he “was the one who led everyone to believe he had been vaccinated and now he says he’s being targeted by a ‘woke mob,’ which I’m not sure he even knows what ‘woke’ means.”

It was “a huge unforced error” from Rodgers that could impact his attempt to cross over into the entertainment industry after his retirement, said Brennan.

Rodgers guest-hosted “Jeopardy!” in episodes that aired in April.

“What a shock,” Brennan added. “What a surprise that this is the guy we thought was so smart and well-read, and turns out that he doesn’t even have the courage or the guts to say that he wasn’t vaccinated, probably because he was fearful of that ‘woke mob,’ and even now, given a chance to explain away his errors, he did not do it.”

“I think we’re seeing a very different side of Aaron Rodgers, and I think we’re seeing a side of Aaron Rodgers that people are really, really disgusted by,” she said. “He sounds like a crackpot.”

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