Jake Tapper Busts Donald Trump For Watching CNN

The president's Twitter commentary on CNN's Florida gubernatorial debate seemed to refute his claim that he doesn't watch the news network.


CNN anchor Jake Tapper on Sunday gleefully called out President Donald Trump’s claim that he never watches CNN ― after the president remarked on a debate that aired on the news network.

The president tweeted praise for Republican Ron DeSantis in his Sunday debate against Democrat Andrew Gillum in the Florida race for governor. Trump claimed victory for the GOP candidate not long after the showdown ended.

Trump presumably arrived at his conclusion by watching the debate ― hosted by CNN and moderated by Tapper. 

Tapper, a frequent Trump critic, responded to the president’s evaluation by writing: “Thanks for watching CNN, Mr. President!”

Incensed by what he claimed is the news channel’s unfair coverage of him, Trump proclaimed in 2017, “I don’t watch CNN. ... I don’t like watching fake news.”

But that has not seemed so. He once commented on a CNN interview of Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) within two minutes of its airing, prompting CNN to write that it was “proof positive” that the president’s viewing habits are not what he claims:  “The idea that Trump doesn’t watch TV ― and CNN in particular ― is ridiculous,” the news network said.

Trump’s criticism of CNN as “fake news” recently took a hit as well, when he appeared to post a crowd shot outside one of his rallies in Erie, Pennsylvania ― taken by CNN’s Jim Acosta. Like Tapper, Acosta also couldn’t resist commenting. “Life is funny,” he wrote.



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