Jake Tapper Shreds Donald Trump With A Long List Of His Conspiracy Theories

"I could go on, but this is just an hour show."

CNN anchor Jake Tapper has had enough of President Donald Trump’s wild conspiracy theories.

On Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Lead,” Tapper dissected Trump’s latest unsubstantiated “SPYGATE” claim that the FBI conducted surveillance on his 2016 election campaign for “political purposes.”

As “we await the investigation into the matter,” said Tapper, it’s “worth remembering that while we’re sticking to the facts and telling you just what we know, President Trump apparently has no constraints since he simply makes stuff up.”

“He frequently lies and has a long and well-documented career engaging in conspiracy theories about all manner of subjects with no concrete evidence ever provided,” Tapper added.

The CNN host then listed just a fraction of the unproven conspiracy theories that Trump has touted: 

“For years he perpetuated the myth that President Obama wasn’t born in the United States. He’s claimed ― with no evidence ― he saw thousands of Muslims on TV celebrating 9/11 on rooftops in New Jersey. No evidence of that. And he bizarrely suggested Senator Ted Cruz’s father might have been involved in the assassination of JFK. Nope.”

“I could go on,” said Tapper, after reeling off several more of Trump’s highly-questionable claims. “But this is just an hour show.”

Check out the clip above.