Jake Tapper Totally Owns Eliot Spitzer (VIDEO)

Jake Tapper gave Eliot Spitzer a very rough time on Thursday, aggressively questioning the newly resurfaced political candidate about his checkered past and his current campaign for New York's comptroller position.

Here's a sampling of some of the things Tapper asked:

"I want to start back in 2008. What you did was incredibly reckless and perhaps more importantly, it was very illegal, as you know, a class E felony, paying for sex, a law you signed, bumping it up to class E. When was the last time you broke that law? 2008?" ("That is correct," Spitzer replied.)

"The New York Times reports that you and your wife still live in separate apartments. Now you have slapped down any rumors of divorce and you say she's supportive of your run. If you win -- and you're ahead in the polls -- can we expect to see Silda by your side on election night?"

"Why do you think that you're ahead in the polls? Do you think it's name recognition? Do you think people are willing to forgive this tremendous scandal or do you think there's something more to it than that?"

"I'm not going to try to play political pundit and figure out why," Spitzer said.

"You were a pundit here on CNN for a long time," Tapper shot back.



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