CNN's Jake Tapper Delivers An Absolutely Blistering Assessment Of Trump's 'Fake News'

CNN host slams the president's reaction to "news he doesn't like."

CNN’s Jake Tapper took down President Donald Trump’s constant use of the phrase “fake news.”

“Almost every single time he’s used that term, the news has been accurate,” Tapper said Monday on CNN. “It’s just been news he doesn’t like.”

Tapper then ticked off examples, such as Trump’s claim earlier this year that he had a “very civil conversation” on the phone with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, but the “FAKE NEWS media lied” with reports of tensions during the call.

Transcripts leaked last week confirmed the reports at the time were accurate.

Tapper then lit into the new “newscast” funded by Trump’s reelection campaign hosted by former CNN contributor and Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany, who called it “the real news” in her sign-off.

“Empirically, there’s nothing journalistic about a political organization that exists to support a politician cheering on that politician,” Tapper declared. “It’s not real, and it’s not news and it’s definitely not real news.”

See his full takedown above.

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