Jake Tapper Shoots Down Larry Kudlow For Claiming U.S. Is 'Safely' Living With COVID-19

"We’re not learning to live with the virus, Larry," the CNN host said, pointing out 50,000 new infections daily in the nation.

CNN’s Jake Tapper scoffed at a claim by White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow Sunday that America is learning to deal with the coronavirus in a “targeted, safe, preventive way.”

Tapper told Kudlow to stick to what he knows — money.

“We’re not learning to live with the virus, Larry,” an incredulous Tapper said on “State of the Union.”

“We just had four days in a row of more than 50,000 infections,” he continued. “The death rate is the highest in the world.”

He added: “Let’s focus on the economic aspects. That’s your area of expertise.”

Kudlow claimed that as far as “living with the virus, as long as we protect the most vulnerable, as long as we preserve the key guidelines, yes, we can get through this.”

“I had you on to talk about the economy, not health matters,” Tapper said. “As far as obeying the key guidelines” — apparently regarding health precautions such as wearing masks and maintaining social distancing — “you might want to tell the guy in the building behind you,” he added, referring to President Donald Trump.

Kudlow has an abysmal record of pronouncements about the pandemic. He declared March 6 that the coronavirus was “contained” and that Americans should “stay at work. We stopped it,” he declared. COVID-19 has since killed nearly 215,000 Americans.

Check out the Kudlow-Tapper face off over the White House adviser’s latest sunny COVID-19 assessment in the video clip up top. Tapper calls him on the coronavirus at 1:50.

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