CNN Debate Moderator Jake Tapper Once Went On A Date With Monica Lewinsky

Yep, you read that right.

Guess who Jake Tapper, the moderator of Wednesday night's CNN debate, once went on a date with?

Monica Lewinsky. No joke. 

Tapper first discussed his history with Lewinsky in 1998, writing in the Washington City Paper that he had dinner with the former White House intern weeks before the allegations surfaced about her affair with then-President Bill Clinton.

In the article, Tapper wrote that he first heard about the scandal waiting in an airport office in the Cayman Islands.

"The world was beside itself about the latest presidential scandal," he wrote, "this one involving an affair with a then-21-year-old intern -- the juiciest story to break in my adult life, a salacious tale of alleged infidelity between the most powerful man in the Milky Way and a girl named Monica."

"Monica Lewinsky. A girl I'd gone out on a date with a few weeks before."