Jake Tapper Warns Obama Supporters About The 'Precedent' His Media Surveillance Is Setting (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jake Tapper's Warning To Obama Supporters

CNN's Jake Tapper once again spoke out against the Obama administration's media surveillance during his Wednesday show.

Tapper previously said the administration was "squashing freedom of the press for its probe into the Associated Press. On Wednesday, he brought up the case of Fox News reporter James Rosen, whose targeting by the Justice Department has led to a huge media backlash. Tapper noted that Rosen was targeted merely for asking a State Department source to give him information.

"There's no allegation that James Rosen bribed, threatened, coerced anyone to get the information, which is what journalists do," he said. "We try to get information, especially information that the government doesn't want us to share with you."

Tapper said he had a "bias" as a journalist, but he warned Obama supporters that other presidents could use the same kinds of tools against reporters.

"Even if you side with this president over those of us in the media who challenge him in his administration, it is important to remember the precedent these actions set going forward, perhaps when it's not your guy in the White House," he said.

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