Jake Tapper Uses The Bible To School A Right-Wing Trump-Supporting Preacher

He got schooled, Sunday style.

A right-wing preacher got more than he bargained for Monday when he attempted to slam porn star Stormy Daniels, whose alleged 2006 affair with Donald Trump has garnered national attention.

Greg Locke, a vocal Trump supporter, wrote on Twitter:

CNN’s Jake Tapper responded with a Bible passage that Locke seems to have missed.

Tapper wrote:

Locke tried to defend himself:

But Tapper was ready for him:

Locke, the founder of the Global Vision Bible Church in Tennessee, has made headlines before with his inflammatory comments.

Last year, he launched into an angry rant in support of “Christian” businesses that want to turn away gay customers. He has also attacked Planned Parenthood, a move that backfired when more than $3,000 was donated to the organization in his name as a result.

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