Jake Tapper Calls Out Rudy Giuliani About How He Got Joe Biden 'Dirt'

Trump's personal lawyer said Monday the mysterious negative material was "handed to me"; previously he said he "meddled" in a Ukraine probe to get it.

Rudy Giuiliani insisted Monday that purported negative information about Joe Biden he claims to have obtained simply fell into his lap — and that he didn’t make any attempt to “dig” it up.

Then CNN’s Jake Tapper nailed him on Twitter, posting a clip on the cable news network from last year in which President Donald Trump’s personal attorney boasted to host Chris Cuomo that “of course” he pressed Ukraine for information. Giuliani also previously told The New York Times that he was “meddling” in an investigation in Ukraine in a bid to help Trump’s re-election campaign.

Giuliani began the vetting of his claims with a Monday Twitter post concerning assertions on Monday by Trump’s defense team in the Senate impeachment trial of the president. He noted that lawyer Jane Raskin told senators that Giuliani did not “dig up dirt” on Biden — but that, in Giuliani’s words, information on the former vice president’s “outrageous criminal conduct was handed to me.”

Giuliani’s claims about alleged Biden misdeeds have yet to be shown to have any credibility. 

Tapper, in addition to spotlighting Giuliani’s comments to Cuomo last year, also retweeted a response from the lawyer for Giuliani’s one-time business associate Lev Parnas debunking the idea that the former New York mayor was some kind of passive, “minor” player in the Ukraine operation.

Parnas, indicted along with fellow Florida businessman Igor Fruman for alleged campaign finance violations, has admitted he tried to strong-arm Ukrainian officials into launching an investigation into unfounded accusations against Biden to aid Trump’s campaign. Parnas said he was following the president’s wishes, communicated to him by Giuliani.