CNN’s Jake Tapper Dissects The ‘Wall Of Lies’ Donald Trump Has Built

The president has built a "wall of misinformation," the CNN host said.

CNN’s Jake Tapper has slammed President Donald Trump for building a “wall of misinformation” around the issue of border security.

Tapper’s remarks came Tuesday as the president prepared to address the nation about the ongoing partial government shutdown and his demands for a U.S.-Mexico border wall.

Trump’s promise to make Mexico pay for a wall along the southern U.S. border became a key issue in his election campaign. However, the president has consistently propagated various lies about the wall, including his sensationalist claim that former presidents support its construction.

The CNN host remarked that Trump had built nothing more than a “wall of lies” around the entire issue.

“There may be no issue where the president and his administration have been more misleading than on the subject of immigration,” he said.

“Trump’s own senior administration officials privately acknowledge that the continued spreading of falsehoods about this issue has created a real problem as the president takes to the mound and prepares to make his pitch,” Tapper later added.

Watch Tapper take on Trump’s “wall of lies” in the clip below.