Jaleel White: 'Total Blackout' Host On Syfy

If there is ever a time for Jaleel White to bust out the old classic, "Did I do that?" this will be it.

Better known (and forever trapped) as the beloved nerd Steve Urkel from "Family Matters," White has made a solid career for himself since that show ended in 1998, playing bit parts, guesting in "House", starring in "Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer" and appearing in two short running TV series, "Grownups" and "Fake It Til You Make It." Now he's got his very own show, as host of the just-announced Syfy game show, "Total Blackout."

The show will feature contestants completing different tasks, but with a title-teased twist: they have to do so in complete darkness. And it won't be just the lack of light that will challenge them; White teased that there will be any number of surprises, including creepy crawling critters thrown around the room.

"I just said to myself, this is a show I would watch. And you don't get a chance to say that every day," he said, in the video above. "There are big surprises, there were surprises for me. They had tarantulas on my hand... Really the biggest surprise will be the contestants' behavior, whether they maintain their composure or not, because the darkness brings out something in all of us."

Just thinking about the dark side of Urkel -- and no, we don't mean Stefon -- is frightening.

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