Geeking Out With Jaleel White

I was seven years-old the first time I came to the dinner table dressed in character as Steve Urkel. At the time, he'd only appeared in a few episodes of Family Matters, but I quickly became obsessed with imitating him. For weeks I'd appear at the dinner table wearing stonewash jeans held high by suspenders that I'd stolen from my dad's underwear drawer. I'd plop down in my chair, squint through my mom's reading glasses and ask for some cheese, please.

In short: I was a superfan.

When I found out that I'd be interviewing Jaleel White, Mr. Steve Urkel himself, for my new web series Geeking Out, I became so excited that I ate a piece of chocolate cake too fast and got the hiccups. Never in a million T.G.I.F-filled years did I imagine that I'd be sitting across from Jaleel White while reliving that epic moment when Steve Urkel transformed into Stefan Urquelle for the very first time (I don't know about you, reader, but I became a woman that day).

Jaleel was extremely gracious with my superfandom, and even taught me a new dance move to replace my current signature move, which he politely described as "spastic." Also, his hands were extremely soft and I couldn't stop touching them. Who knew that a lanky sitcom nerd could transform into a hunky, muscular man who hosts TV shows, dances like a pro, writes, directs and stars in his own web series, and still manages to have the world's softest hands? He's just... is it hot in here?

Kerri Doherty is the creator and host of a brand new show on Official Comedy called Geeking Out -- a fanatic and often awkward celebrity interview series hosted by everyone's #1 FAN. Don't miss the next episode when she interviews John Hodgman and begs him to sign a "Bring Bored to Death Back to Television" petition... in blood.