Jalen Ramsey Pummels Tyreek Hill In Pro Bowl's Flag Football Game

"I'm getting de-cleated," Hill said of the hit by Ramsey in the first "non-contact" Pro Bowl ever.

A kinder, gentler NFL Pro Bowl took a turn for the brutal Sunday when Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey knocked Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill to the ground during flag football. (Watch the videos below.)

Raiders receiver Davante Adams caught a long pass from Ravens quarterback Tyler Huntley and then lateraled to Hill. Ramsey, defending on the play, collided with Hill, sending him to the turf.

Hill, who scored, wasn’t expecting a full-contact hit in a no-contact game.

“This suppose to be flag meanwhile I’m getting de-cleated,” Hill wrote on Twitter.

Many outlets suggested that Ramsey could not stop his momentum while he was in the process of pulling Adams’ flag and that the hit on Hill was somewhat accidental. It does appear that Ramsey never really saw Hill until it was too late.

But Hill noted the years of trash talk between the two, specifically Ramsey’s dig that Hill was more a special-teams star as a punt returner than a receiver back in 2018.

This year, the flag football event and some skills contests, renamed the Pro Bowl Games, replaced the annual full-contact battle of All-Stars that began in 1951.

The NFC won the Pro Bowl Games with an aggregate score of 35-33.

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