Jalen Rose: Kobe Bryant 'Doesn’t Want to Take A Back Seat’

The former NBA star weighs in on Bryant's future.

As Kobe Bryant is entering what could be the last year of his decorated career, some have suggested he is no longer the impact player he once was.

When NBA-star-turned-analyst Jalen Rose sat down with HuffPost Live’s Alex Miranda on Wednesday to discuss his new book Got to Give the People What They Want, the Fab Five legend added his two cents regarding the uncertainties looming over Bryant's future. Rose said:

Father Time and gravity are undefeated. There are two perimeter players in NBA history to play 19 years: John Stockton and Jason Kidd, both point guards who also played in college. So in theory, [considering] the two years Jason played in college, the four years John Stockton played in college, I give Kobe an over-under of one to three years he could possibly still play. But here’s the thing: Kobe is turning into that old man, like, "Get off my grass!" He wants the team to be successful because he is a five-time champion and an all-time great. But he also doesn’t want to take a back seat and average 15 points.

Rose added that he thinks Bryant is just focused on having the best statistical year possible and retiring at the season's end. 

Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation with Jalen Rose here.

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