Jam Recipes: Homemade Jams, Jelly And Preserves (PHOTOS)

Tis the season to put up some jam.

We've all stared down a pile of just-too-old-to-be-beautiful summer fruit. We can commiserate with the nerves, the feeling that you need to do something, anything not to waste them. Guys, we have the solution: put 'em up.

Along with summer pickling, we get down to serious kitchen business come mid-to-late summer making jams, jellies and preserves out of everything we can get our hands on. If you've never canned anything at home before, never fear, there are tons of great resources out there that will help you make sure you don't give yourself or your loved ones botulism with your beautiful peach jam.

But don't stop at traditional fruit -- we've had incredible success with tomato jam, herb jam, cucumber jelly and beyond. If you can cook it down to jam consistency, you can make jam with it. Let's jam! (Sorry, we had to do one, just be glad no one said "jam session.")

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Jams, Jellies And Preserves