Jam Session Interview With Andrea Morehead

Andrea Morehead is an Emmy-award winning journalist, news anchor and entrepreneur who demonstrates her commitment to community by serving on numerous boards. She also walks the talk when it comes to her passion -- women supporting other women.

Founder of her own production company, Andrea is committed to filling the void she found in while seeking television programming for her own family's viewing pleasure. (This is a woman who intentionally embodies her values in every project she undertakes.)

In today's Jam Session, Andrea and I jammed on the the state of journalism in today's world. We talked about the responsibilities and integrity of the media versus the responsibility of the consumer to seek truth. We discussed the role of women in media and the way that has impacted women in society over the years.

We riff on Sallie Krawcheck's take on one factor in the 'too big to fail' downfall on Wall St., and the importance of intentionally inviting diversity of thought into our endeavors.

We also dig into the truth about entrepreneurship, the 'seven-easy-steps-to-success,' the characteristics it takes to make it, and waiting for the world to bow down to the great idea.

And in the end, Andrea answers the "what advice would you give your 20 year old self" question in a one-of-a-kind-way I've never heard before.

This is what it's like when two soul sisters take a break to catch up over coffee to talk about journalism, entrepreneurship, women supporting women and ways to make the world a better place. Chill out, hang out and join us for a while. This jam session is jam packed.