Jameela Jamil Slams Doctored Photo Of Her: 'Airbrushing Is The Damn Devil'

“Where are my titty stretch marks?” the "Good Place" actress asked of the altered image.

Actress Jameela Jamil had some choice words for whoever doctored a picture of her.

The “Good Place” star tweeted the photo on Thursday, dragging the way it had been edited. She added her own commentary to the image with gems like “Where are my titty stretch marks?” and “Ps. I don’t look like this, they airbrushed me to death.”

“I was just doing a new spoof motivation sultry pic and was struck by how heavily [edited] this picture of me is,” the actress wrote in her caption. “How dare they?” 

According to the actress, the photo had been edited to make her arm look thinner, her skin lighter and her knees wrinkle-free, among other changes. It’s not clear who is responsible for the image or where it originally appeared.

Jamil explained that such heavily edited photos have made her feel “mentally unwell trying to live up to this image in person” and concluded that “airbrushing is the damn DEVIL.”  

Jamil frequently speaks out against body-shaming and currently spearheads the “I Weigh” campaign, a social media movement in which she encourages women to describe their qualities and accomplishments rather than their appearances.

The actress spoke at the #BlogHer Health 2019 conference last month, explaining why she’s so vocal and “aggressive” about body positivity. Jamil said that women have far more important issues to think about than how their bodies look. 

“I don’t want to worry about stretch marks or cellulite or time or gravity showing on my face and my body,” she said.

“These things are deliberately there ― to go full ‘tin hat’ on you ― they are here to distract us, to give us something else to think about so that we’re not thinking about growing our businesses and our families and our lives and our hearts and our minds,” she added. “It’s so aggressive how pervasive it is and how it’s everywhere ... It takes someone and something aggressive to tear that down.”

Boom, baby.