Jameela Jamil Shows Off Her Stretchy, Bendy Self On 'Conan'

"The Good Place" alum's "odd" talent will make you wince.

Actor Jameela Jamil told Conan O’Brien Thursday that a medical condition has left her skin very flexible ― and she proved it by stretching her cheeks to fun-house mirror lengths. (Watch the video below.)

But “The Good Place” alum didn’t stop there on “Conan.” She showed off how “incredibly bendy” she is elsewhere.

She bent her elbow backward to a wince-inducing point. “I used to get out of gym glass by telling my sports teacher that I had broken my elbow,” she noted.

She dislocated her shoulder as well for the host and disclosed yet another feat she’s capable of: “I can also kiss my own ass.”

That one she didn’t show but she wasn’t kidding.

“I belong in a circus, not school,” she said.

Jamil has previously discussed living with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a connective tissue disorder that can leave patients with overly elastic skin and flexible joints.

See the video below.