James Bond Bomb: 007's Latest Female Love Interest In Spectre Is a 50-Year-Old Stunner

Bombshell Monica Bellucci takes on the iconic role of Bond Girl Lucia Sciarra.

When little girls are growing up, there are five main aspirational "It girl" sex symbols shoved in their faces: Barbie, supermodels, pop and Hollywood stars, pretty Disney princesses...

And Bond Girls.

Even if you've never seen a single James Bond flick, you now the aura that is a Bond Girl: sexy, glamorous eye candy - usually in the form of a much younger woman. But now, more than a half century since the first ever James Bond film was released, the world will see a more mature woman as a Bond Girl.

At age 50, the drop-dead gorgeous actress and model Monica Bellucci is slaying in the coveted role of Lucia Sciarra in Spectre, the latest 007 film hitting the big screen on November 6. She sizzles in the film's explosive new trailer that hit the web on July 22, next to the dashing Daniel Craig, who's 47. It's quite a contrast to stunner Berenice Marlohe, who was only 33 when Craig's Skyfall came out.

But the Italian stunner's age hardly means a thing. Plenty of older female celebrities are gracefully fighting Hollywood ageism these days and outshining their trainwreck-y younger counterparts. The contemporary tabloid culture at its finest - no one's ever going to argue that pretty-but-bedraggled Lindsay Lohan loses to Jennifer Lopez in the hotness scale. And they are 17 years apart. It seems as if the majority of Young Hollywood prefers the instant gratification of the party lifestyle and magazine covers to the longevity of an A-list career - although maybe it's just that the more mature young stars aren't in my face as much. (But I look forward to being a fan of theirs for many years to come.)

Meanwhile, the sexy and seemingly ageless Bellucci hasn't so much as gained a wrinkle since we've seen her in other action series such as The Matrix, and is completely on par with past high-profile Bond Girls such as Halle Berry, Rosamund Pike, and Denise Richards.

In Spectre, she plays the seductive widow of an infamous mobster whose criminal crew has it out for Bond, played again by the blush-worthy Craig. She'll be undoubtedly scorching in the role, and we're guessing her strong female character, saucy attitude, and voluptuous glamour will make her our all-around favorite in the iconic role. What would be really something: Bellucci kicking ass and taking names as the lead crime fighter in a femme fatale spinoff of the James Bond series.

Mrs. Bond, how do you like your martinis?

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