James Bond, 'Skyfall': Bond's Car Is Timeless (PHOTOS)

Daniel Craig may be the seventh actor to portray James Bond, but there's one thing that remains timeless: Bond's 1964 Aston Martin DB5.

As one clever Redditor pointed out, even after nearly 50 years, the car's license plate has remained the same. "It's little details like this that gives me hope for Skyfall," wrote Cawrl, referring to a promo image of "Skyfall." The shot features Daniel Craig standing in front of a lookalike Aston Martin DB5 with the license plate number BMT 216A. Below it, original Bond, Sean Connery, stands with the iconic 1964 Aston Martin DB5. Its license plate reads, BMT 216A.

For Bond fans, it's a small, yet meaningful, detail.

In 2010, Ohio businessman Harry Yeaggy bought the original 1964 Bond Aston Martin DB5 -- at RM Auctions' Automobiles of London auction -- for over $4.6 million. Its infamous gadgetry was all intact, including a rear bulletproof shield, an oil slick sprayer, wing machine guns, a nail spreader, front and rear rams, and the passenger ejector seat.

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