James Bond Stunt Double Backflips Over Speeding Car In Heart-Pounding VR Video

Damien Walters leaps over the Formula E vehicle as it travels at 60 mph.

Hollywood stuntman Damien Walters is no stranger to danger.

And Daniel Craig's stunt double on "Skyfall" showed absolutely no fear when he backflipped over a speeding Formula E car in Mexico City.

The stunt, dubbed the "Leap of Faith," is believed to be the world's first ever blind car-dodge.

Breathtaking 360-degree footage, released on Monday, shows the free-runner and gymnast standing with his back toward the vehicle:

With the car being driven toward him at 60 mph, Walters backflips into the air at the very last second. The vehicle passes beneath him, and he lands safely on the ground.

"I have done some other crazy things but this was definitely one of the worst for sure," Walters, who was also Michael Fassbender's stunt double in "Assassin's Creed," told The Huffington Post via email.

"Had I jumped too early, I would have hit the back of the car with my head, and if I jumped too late, the car would have hit my legs."

The stunt was filmed to promote the FIA Formula E Championship. Its next race is the Visa Paris ePrix in France this Saturday.

A team of six stunt experts and safety professionals helped Walters prepare.

"It took two days of practicing and timing the jump perfectly to make sure that I was able to clear the car safely," he told HuffPost. "As the dangers were obvious, it was very important that we worked with trained professionals and why it should never be attempted by anyone else."

They worked out the speed they wanted the car to go, and the distance it had to travel. "From that we worked out how long it would take to get to me. Then minus the time it would take for me to take off and that equaled the time I had to jump," Walters added. "Then we did multiple side-by-side runs until it was perfect."

For such a dangerous stunt, an equally skilled driver was needed — and in stepped Alistair Whitton, who also worked on "Skyfall" and "Kingsman: The Secret Service." Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag described it as "very exciting" to work with Walters and the team on the groundbreaking stunt.

Watch how the stunt was put together here:

If you have an Android smartphone, you can play the top 360-degree clip while wearing a Google Cardboard headset to get the fully immersive experience.

For iPhone and iPad owners, just use your device to look around. YouTube doesn't yet support virtual reality on iOS.

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