James Bond Theme With Lyrics: Funny Video Explains 007

James Bond: A Jerk?

Sure, James Bond saves the day, but does that give him a free ride to do whatever he pleases?

Since Sean Connery first donned the tux, 007 has been famous for three things: infiltrating the organizations of international criminals and taking them down; sleeping with lots of women; and getting really, really drunk. Oh, he also causes tons of destruction and makes snide comments left and right. It's been a delightful ride for the past 50 years, and there are millions of men who would kill to be him, but, well, his habits kind of make him a jerk, right?

YouTubers Rummy & Kormers tackle that issue in this new video, which lays the truth out to the tune of the famed Bond theme.

Just don't tell Daniel Craig about this; he tends to punch really, really hard. In fact, don't tell Connery, either -- he probably can still pack a wallop. Also, it's a tiny bit NSFW.

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